Lindsay (squeaks132007) wrote in javylopez18,

Nomar Trade?

Does anyone feel that the Nomar trade was a big mistake? According to the yahoo sports poll "big mistake" beats out "good move" 56%-48%. Now the Red Sox are 0-2 without Nomar and the Cubs are 1-0 with him. Just remember that last August Nomar was the one that pushed the Sox into September. Cabrera does not give you the same veteran presence Nomar does. Now the Sox probability of making it to the playoffs is the same as it previously was. I don't see a big upgrade. Now if the Sox make it to the playoffs (which as of now is a big if) they won't make it past the first round. They're not going anywhere right now. Cabrera is no where near the type of player Renteria, Jeter, Nomar or even Tejada is. They're gonna fall flat on their face. This will be their downfall.
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