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Well it's about time!!! The O's have won 8 in a row. Javy, Tajada, and Mora are doing well each have a few homers more Mora then anyone. And Larry Bigbie, the left fielder for the O's who is very underestimated I think, has also had a few rbi's and homers in the lovely 8 game wins.

It's good to see the O's doing well and it's good to see Nomar going to a place where he is wanted.

Now, lets see if the O's can keep it up!! Raffy better start using more Viagra!! to give him more home run power!!!!
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The Red Sox need a streak like that but with the suspensions that will have to be served, a chaotic clubhouse and Manny's mysterious flu (pharayngitis) it will be tough. Plus they never proved to me that they can go on a seven/eight game winning streak.

Plus the Nomah trade was god awful. It left an empty feeling in the clubhouse that can't be replaced. It's worse than when Mo or Boggs left. When Mo came up in 1991 Boggs took Mo under his wing and showed him the ropes of Major League Baseball. Then when Boggs left in 1994 Big Mo took over. When Nomah came up in 1997 Mo took Nomah under his wing and showed him the ropes. Nomah couldn't do that with anyone. Trot has been in the organization longer (being drafted in 1993). Most of it coming from a depleted farm system by the grand ole Dan Duquette.
I do agree that Bigbie is underestimated. The guy has a lot of power and is a very good hitter. Especially recently.