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Nomar and Mo and The Curse

There's  so much that these guys have in common. The biggest thing that comes to mind is their relationship with the front office. They both had a pretty poor relationship with the front office and none of which was either of there fault. After I finished reading Joe Castiglione's book Broadcast Rites and  Sites: I saw it on the  radio with the Boston Red Sox there was a short part in the book about Mo Vaughn and his time in Boston. Joe wrote in the book that Mo's relationship with the front office was pretty bad that it really was like a divorce between Mo and the Red Sox. It just sounds all too familiar.

The Curse of the Bambino is REAL. The Curse of the Bambino is real because the Red Sox gave away one of the best baseball players that ever played the game back in 1919. They have a history of getting rid of their best players. Look at Carlton Fisk (one of the best catchers that ever played the game), Fred Lynn, Wade Boggs (a hall famer come January 2005), Roger Clemens (a 300 game winner and a future hall of famer), Mo Vaughn and now Nomar. All of these guys came up through the Sox farm system and left the Red Sox  because of disagreements with the front office or whatever. The Curse is real.

I now know how Orioles fans felt when Lucchino was driving  the ship in Baltimore, Werner in San Diego and Henry in Florida. I credit Lucchino for getting Camden Yards built but Camden Yards didn't help the O's win.

In my opinion the Red Sox front office cares more about the Yankees losing than the Red Sox winning.

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